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I ate a jar of nuts from a hotel minibar at 2 am on a recent business trip. In the morning, I was angry at the jar. I wanted it to do more for me than just sit there empty, taunting me with its salty fattening expensiveness. With the beauty of Jacinda’;s Fabric Vase in mindcheap throw pillow covers, I brought the jar home, found another glass canister, and with the help of a fabric scrap from my collection, repurposed them into cotton ball and q-tip holders for the bathroom. So there jar, the joke’;s on you!Get the full Fabric Wrapped Recycled Bath Accessories tutorial after the jump…;Fabric Wrapped Recycled Bath Accessories

1. Acquire some glass canisters. Or really any canister. Maybe a baby food jar?

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2. Cut your fabric scraps to size. Use a sponge brush to apply a light coat of mod podge to the outside of the jars.

3. Press your fabric onto the canister, smoothing out any bubbles with your fingers:Let them dry for 20 minutes.

4. Apply another light coat of mod podge on top of the the fabric. See my daughter getting in on the action? that is too much mod podge:Let that dry. If your child does what my child did, then wait until it dries and gently sand it with a fine grit sandpaper. Dust and apply another coat if you want.

5. Spray with a sealant to make sure no moisture gets all up in there.


Headboards have been on my brain lately.? I already have one for our master bedroom and I made Elli one for her little twin sized bed.? I’d really like to make one for Connor and for the guest room.? Meh, Chloe doesn’t really need one, as she’s still in the nursery…..but soon.

Kids will love helping you make this DIY Solar System. Kids love learning about space, so painting all the styrofoam planets will really spark their interest in space.? Like these Earth Day Crayons, this is a science project for kids.

Hello! ?I’ve been running around like crazy all month and am feeling a bit discombobulated but I wanted to take a second here and tell you that I’m going to be competing on the 2nd season of Project Sewn!