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Our dining rooms, like our living rooms, are one of the most visited rooms and one of the rooms we will spend the most time entertaining and spending time with our guests. It is a special room that is often not very often used by us for dining purposes – often the dining room table will become a work station for us or the kids, a room where its function is utilised when company come to visit.

The dining room perhaps not only has to be personal, to reflect who we are and what we feelaccent pillow case baby burlap home and living, but also reflect to this guests - how we feel about them and the social engagement. It is perhaps a room we have to personalise for ourselves and equally as much for the people who we will share it with. Textiles in the dining room: As with any room, there is a vast array of textiles to suit our needs to deliver a mood and atmosphere in our dining room.

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Textiles are actually a little more limited in this room than they may be in some other social rooms, but there are some key areas which can set the right tone. The flooring can be perhaps the first place to place a textile that creates an impression. Many, if not most, of us have hardwood floors or other hard surfaces in the kitchen and dining rooms and a designer rug can not only provide a unique colour and design pattern, but also a distinct feeling. The ready made blinds or curtains are also a place to provide an impression and the material and colour will achieve this. If the dining room is meant to be soft and traditional, darker colours will often best suit this, with materials both heavy or thin, that provide a natural warmth.

If a bold statement is meant to be made, where fun and excitement are part of the dinner conversation, bright colours of different patterns can be utilised and exhibited. Of course the material of the dining room chairs is key. This is not only what the guests will be sitting on, but most likely what they will touch and feel. Whether they do so while pulling out the seat from the table, or pulling it underneath them to adjust for comfort, the feel of the textile might be even more important than the colour.

The best way to find the best one is to simply feel yourself – when you shop, be your guest. How does it feel? Is it a turn on or turn off? You can always change the fabric seating on your chairs to reflect a new colour scheme or use on-trend cover-slips by purchasing curtain material. As stated before, the dining room is unique in that it is to be personalised for you, but also for your guests.

Having a home office can be a blessing or a punishment. Being able to conduct business without driving to another location can be convenient but if you have a space that feels confining and stacks of papers are piled everywhere, your mind is not capable of focusing on the tasks at hand. By making a few changes to a small home office, a bright and professional air can be introduced.

It’s happened to the best of us: A last-minute party invitation, a forgotten birthday or an overnight guest—and no gift. Whether it’s simply poor planning on our part or truly an unexpected affair that’s popped up, feeling unprepared and rushed to get a gift (any gift at this point) can add stress to our already busy days—and take the joy out of it all.

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