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A jungle or safari theme can transform a drab and dreary into an exotic and exciting place to be. The inherent mystery and danger of the jungle make it a theme that intrigues and inspires decorators and designers. Striking animal prints, lush vegetation, and exotic African art, make for a decorating pallet that’s hard to resist

To get your safari style room underway, you should start with a fitting backdrop. The earthy tones of deep brown, burnt orange, goldaccent pillow case baby burlap home and living, tan, and cream make any of these colours perfect for the walls. Once the wall is covered, you can really go all out with the theme by adding fun details like a wild jungle print wallpaper border and some prints or posters, prints or photographs of jungle animals or safari landscapes all framed by carved or natural wood frames of course. Exotic masks and animal print tapestries are another attractive option. African mud cloths or cotton wall hangings depicting coloured mud paintings of tribal scenes really lend an authentic look- you could even make some yourself.

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For rooms with hardwood floors, area rugs can complement the jungle theme. If you haven’t already gone overboard with animal prints, a zebra print rug or faux fur carpet is a great way to bring prints into the room. Otherwise, straw mats can complement the theme by offering a natural outdoors ambiance.

When it comes to furniture, natural, preferably dark wood is definitely your best option. You want the finished result to appear a little rough and ready old the older and more worn the furniture the better. Try to create a somewhat eclectic feel by including items that have had a previous use such as benches, carts, barrels or trunks as makeshift coffee or side tables.

A large African drum would be a particularly good stand for a table lamp or place to exhibit some pottery or glassware. For a really for a bold look, couches, chairs, ready made curtains (you’ll probably need to contact your local curtain fabric suppliers and have them made but it’ll be worth the extra effort) and bedspreads can be found in various animal prints, alternatively you could simply toss a cheetah, leopard, zebra, or giraffe print throw pillow throw over your settee to achieve the same effect.

One of the most important aspects in decorating a jungle theme room is greenery. Look for exotic orchids or huge palms to add authenticity to your jungle décor. Potted vines can also be placed on high shelves to drape lushly over the edge.

You will definitely have a great time hunting down the final finishing details. Carved wooden animals, African pottery, baskets, and tribal drums all bring a touch of the jungle indoors and thankfully mean lots of days spent away from the usual DIY stores! Unlike other schemes, an African or safari theme doesn’t require the constant flexing of the credit card.

Simply exercising your imagination will often provide much better results anyway as the whole point is that you don’t want the finish to look bought. Because of this, a safari theme is amongst the most fun schemes to decorate that you could ever choose for your home and is a particularly good choice for those with young children as you can really get them involved in the making of artwork and ornaments.

I’ve always had trouble trying to find the right table to set my sewing machine on: dining tables are too high, and coffee tables are too low. I got some good ideas, here, for custom-built tables that let you mount a sewing machine on a shelf below the main table top, making the working surface of the sewing machine the same height as the main table. The problem is that I don’t have room for a dedicated sewing machine table.

With Spring here, it’s time for some spring cleaning! I’ve been itching to get my garage organized for over a year! Cleaning your garage may not seem like something you’re looking forward too, but like any area of your home, it feels SO nice when it’s done! ?I’m actually going to share my not so flattering photos of my very messy garage…….because life gets messy. (Unless you’re my inlaws, they have the perfectly organized everything…….drat!)

We got home this week from a 3 week-long road trip (I think I may have mentioned that already, I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record *wink*). Now that we are home, summer has finally settled in at our house. ?Along with it has come lazy days, hot humid air, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, and an overall feeling of laziness. If it would ever stop raining that feeling would be amplified by the smell of sunscreen and chlorine. ?Our recent rainy weather has given us an “extra” excuse to lay around the house all day (like we need more than one excuse? to do that*wink*)… ?I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing. A little down time every once in a while is good for the soul.