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Kantha Embroidery is primarily the most famous types of embroidery mainly used by rural woman in Eastern South Asia. It is a Sanskrit term which means throat. This word is related with Lord Shiva because he was given the title Nilakanth means blue throat for drinking poison from the ocean.

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History and Origin of Kantha

Kantha meaning patched cloth is usually regarded as a craft of Bengali (Bengal areas) since it is native to the Indian State of West Bengal. Traditionally, these were designed as the wedding gifts for woman or special present for mothers with personal massage, wishes, and stories weaved in, creating the exceptional impact on the receiver.

For many years, Kantha embroidery has been the primary source of income for poor rural woman in West Bengal. In early 80s, Shamlu Dudeja (teacher and revolutionary) realized the significance of this art work and motivated other women to use this form of art professionally and make it sought after embroidery.

Kantha embroidery

Kantha embroidery refers to the process of creating and stitching stylish &; quilted clothes including blankets, quiltsaccent pillow case baby burlap home and living, pillows, etc. This embroidery has been around for over 500 years and used on different fabrics such as Crepe, Cotton, Georgette, Silk, and Chiffon.

It becomes the most preferable form of stitch work among worldwide designers and users. Various types of designs are created on the garments, blankets, and other bed spreads such as folk scenes, birds, animals, and others

How it is made from old sari and clothes?

For hundreds of centuries, Bengali women especially the poor ones have used pieces of useless cloth and sewn it to create something unique and elegant. They take around 4-5 sarees, join them together, and make several running stitches to create the embroidered quilt or blanket.

Interesting points about Kantha embroidery

Kantha related products available online and offline

Kantha Quilts

Highly versatile and colorful Kantha quilt not only used as a winter warmers but act as an original piece of art in the form of wall hangings, covers for the rocking chair, beds, recliners, headboard, cushions, and tabletops.

Kantha Blanket

Purchase Kantha Blanket to give as the memorable and meaningful gift, use in the airplane and road tours, backyard patios, yoga studios, beach or on the sideline watching games.

Kantha Pillows

Colorful, lively printed, and alluring double-stitched Kantha pillows add an extra amazing and fascinating dose of bright colors and allure to the home décor and express your sense of creativity.

Kantha Scarves

The superb handmade kantha scarves are designed using exquisite fabric with vibrant colors, style of impressive stories, and a brilliant fusion of Indian tradition and contemporary fashion.

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