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You will not believe how easy this was. Now I can see my fabrics AND I have more drawer space for all my yarn and other goodies. Seeing the beautiful designs on the wall is inspirational and gives a whole new vibe to my workroom. If I ironed them i think this would look awesome in my living room, hallway, or on the wall behind the dining table!Get thee to the hardware store and get to hanging!

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The idea here was to create something similar to the racks that display fancy wrapping papers in a stationary storeaccent pillow case baby burlap home and living, but bigger and attached to the wall. What I found worked SO WELL and was really simple.

Materials2 pieces of Slot Angle.I’;m not really sure what the actual purpose of this is, but it’;s in the metal section of the hardware store. i think it hangs air conditioning units from the ceiling and stuff like that, but it works really well for our purposes. I used two pieces 5 feet tall, but you could go shorter or taller. Here is a link to a 6′; piece of slot angle on amazon, they run $7.57 each:Slotted Steel Angle –; 11115 1-1/4X1-1/4X6ft. Slot Angle

Dowels. I ended up using 8 dowels, 5/16″; in diameter and 4 feet long. Here is an amazon link to the same dowel. You want to be sure that your dowels fit inside the holes on your slot angle. These were the biggest I could use and still fit. Because I placed my slot angle “;brackets”; so far apart, the dowels did bend slightly in the middle with the weight of the heavier fabrics, but i think it looks nice. You can always hammer a nail into the wall centered between your two slot angles to support the dowel. 5/16″; x 48″; Wooden Birch Dowel Made in the USA

And now like this!

Our home is a work in progress but I love to celebrate little successes and this month, we’ve had a few. After neglecting the dining room for months, I finally added a few integral pieces. Step inside our Christmas dining room! If you recall, the dining room was originally brick red with a modern light fixture and carpet…it wasn’t horrible, just not our taste {it appears to be staged}.

Our kitchen may have stalled out in late spring, but we’re still enjoying it. Little by little I’ve been unpacking boxes from the basement, organizing and decorating our new kitchen. For the first time in 3 years, I was?so excited to infuse a little fall kitchen decor as part of our Seasons of Home series.