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Even though we’re having a secular ceremony, we opted early on to incorporate a lot of Filipino (derived from Catholic) traditions. One of them was both the cord & the coin ceremonies. The coins are carried to the alter by a coin bearer.

I always found the coin containers traditionally used kind of feminine, and our coin bearer is all boy. There was no way I could imagine him carrying around a heart shaped cage.??I also?thought another common tradition, carrying the coins on a pillowaccent pillow case baby burlap home and living, wasn't really what we wanted. So, we decided to make a coin bearer container that was a little bit fun; something that would match our theme. I didn’t know what I wanted yet, but I knew that I'd be able to make a decision quickly the second I walked into a craft store.

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How right I was! When we went to AC Moore to pick up wooden peg dolls for our cake topper (more on that on another post!) we also picked up two small wooden boxes, a 3-pack of 1-inch peg dolls, and a set of bright acrylic paint. The total came to less than $5. I loved the idea of using a wooden box to hold the coins.

To make the process easier, we opted to keep the box one color and the peg dolls a simple single color each with no faces. The whole process took less than 10 minutes, and I love it!?After making it, I?decided to use the second box we bought for our ring bearer; we?bought 2 boxes because we?weren't sure which one we wanted?to use to hold the coins, and whichever one we didn't?use, we'd find another use for it; and we did!

Along with the deviation from traditional container, we're also using slightly less traditional wording. There's no mention of God in our coin ceremony, but other than that the same idea is being presented.

If you are incorporating traditional wedding characteristics into your ceremony, how are you making them your own?

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