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This clutch is the project that I taught in my class at SNAP Conference last weekend. ?I’;m posting it here to share will all of you! ? I had a great time teaching at SNAP, y’;all know I love that conference. ?I feel like I was able to really focus in on what I want for my blog and meet so many fabulous people.I always leave that conference on such a highaccent pillow case baby burlap home and living, which is why I like it. ?Lots of great positive energy. I’;ll share more about the conference and the class I taught later this week but today I thought I’;d share the sewing tutorial for the clutch with you.

To make it you’;ll need (click the links to buy the exact supplies to make the clutch, affiliate links may be included)?

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2 pieces of fabric 8”; x 12”; for clutch outside –;?Riley Blake Lost and Found 2 Shell Yellow

2 piece of fabric 8”; x 12”; for clutch lining –;?Riley Blake Lost and Found 2 Hexagon Yellow

1 12”; or 14″; zipper –;?Coats &; Clark Coil Separating Zipper 14″; White

1 piece 9”; x 14”; for the bow –;?Riley Blake Lost and Found 2 Stripe Grey

1 piece 3”; x 5”; for the bow center

2 pieces of fusible fleece cut to 8”; x 12”; –;?Pellon Fusible Fleece

2 pieces of Shape Flex interfacing cut to 8″; x 12″;Pellon SF101 Shape-Flex Woven Fusible Interfacing White

Fold under the raw edge of the long side of the bow piece a scant ?’’

Fold over again. Press in place and stitch along the fold.

Repeat for other long side of the bow piece.

Fold the 3’’ x 5’’ stripe piece of fabric in half lengthwise. Stitch with a ?’’ seam.

Turn right side out and press so that the seam is in the center.

Find the center of the bow piece. Mark it.? Gather the bow loosely and wrap the sewn bow center piece around the bow.

Pin in the back. You’ll have an opportunity to make the bow “pretty” at the end.

Apply the Shape Flex Interfacing to the wrong side of the two clutch outside pieces. Apply the Fusible Fleece to the wrong side of the two clutch lining pieces.

Pin the bow to one of the clutch outside pieces. The bow corners will be folded under and ?” in from the top and bottom of the clutch piece. The bow will be bigger than the clutch at the centers.

Stitch with the bow facing the feed dogs of the sewing machine using a basting stitch close to the edge of the clutch piece.

Trim the bow flush with the edges of the clutch

Pin the right side of your zipper to the right side of the clutch top. The raw edge of the zipper even with the raw edge of the clutch.

The zipper will be longer than the clutch- that’s okay.? Pin it so that the start of the zipper is even with the edge of the clutch.

Trim off the excess zipper.? Press the seams of the clutch away from the zipper.

Top stitch along both sides of the zipper with your zipper foot.

Unzip the zipper ? of the way. NOT ALL THE WAY!

Pin the clutch front pieces together right sides facing, Pin the clutch lining pieces together right sides facing.? Fold the zipper towards the clutch lining. With a ?” seam allowance stitch around the entire clutch leaving a 4’’ opening in the bottom of the lining piece.

Trim off all 4 corners of the clutch.

Trim the seam allowance of the lining sections of the clutch down to 1/8”.? Turn right side out and press.

Hand or machine stitch the opening in the lining closed. Arrange the bow on the front so that you like how it looks and hand stitch the bow center in place.Connect with me:

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